• Turning, broaching, toothing, milling.

  • Being precise, being competitive.

  • Knowing the materials, knowing the technology.

  • Truly productive, truly dynamic.

About us

FS Gear offers their clients finished or semi-finished products with machining such as: turning, milling, toothing, broaching.









FS Gear is a company born in the early 90s thanks to the founders' techincal and commercial expertise in the field of precision machining on behalf of third parties. The flexibility of a constantly upgraded and state-of-the-art machinery inventory, and an organisational structure composed of a specialised staff are the strong points. During the years, the company operated several investments in machinery and infrastructures in order to respond to market demands and to settle in fields such as oil & gas, steel, machine tools and constructions. The constant search for improvement and predisposition to follow new technologies available on the market allows F.S. Gear to rationalize the production processes. To be able to offer their clientele a complete service since the planning stage, the company makes use of a technical office equipped with CAD-CAM stations. With this promise, the company ensures to develop the processing cycle, taking the appropriate precautions to always achieve the best results.


Knowing the materials, knowing the technology.


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